Realising cross-border e-Justice in Europe

The EU-commission dedicated itself to improving the cross-border exchange of information in legal proceedings - where citizens, businesses and governments are involved - in a safe, accessible and sustainable way.

 In pursuing this goal, e-CODEX is developing building blocks that can be used in or between Member States to support cross-border operation of processes in the field of justice. e-CODEX improves the cross-border access of citizens and businesses to legal means in Europe and furthermore creates the interoperability between legal authorities within the EU. Besides the technical achievements, the e-CODEX partner countries agreed on formal procedures how to integrate judicial procedures for e-Justice in its pilots but also for future scenarios.

Take the opportunity to get a better insight into the e-CODEX project through the video below. 

e-CODEX extension and the new “stand alone connector”

Following the decision of the European Commission the duration of the e-CODEX project has been extended until the 31st of May, 2016.  The extension enables the e-CODEX project to continue its work on sustainability, the new pilots and new members and piloting partners. During the last General Assembly held in Prague the decision to onboard the new partners Croatia, Finland and Sweden was taken. Latvia is also expected to finalize the administrative procedures and join the ranks of e-CODEX by the end of June.

During the Newcomer Meeting held on the 6th of May in Tallinn the next steps were proposed and discussed.

The initial interest of the new member states is in the civil justice use cases (Croatia, Finland, Sweden), criminal justice use cases (Finland) as well as in the field of business registers interconnection (Croatia).

During the next three months e-CODEX will go live with several pilots and increase the number of digital cross border cases. Piloting use cases in EPO, Small Claims, MLA / FD 909 and the interconnection of business register will all be up and running by then!!

A new e-CODEX development “the stand alone connector” enables potential piloting partners an easy way of participation. The partner will then be able to receive secure message via the e-CODEX system without a form based backend system.

The remaining project time is nearing its end. The work on project sustainability is increasing and is under discussion in the e-CODEX Management Board as well as in the Council working party e-Law (e-Justice). It was recommended to the project to establish a permanent expert group.

The e-CODEX partners are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation to enable further cross-border judicial cases and to encourage a lot of users, stakeholders and IT companies to use the e-CODEX solutions!

Find out more about the stand alone connector

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