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Start of EURegio Pilot

Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands establish electronic cross-border cooperation between the national prosecuting authorities. The solutions of e-CODEX enable this cooperation between the “Tri-national working group on digitalisation of EURegios’ cross-border communication in criminal matters” and e-CODEX. The new pilots focus is on secure data exchange for criminal matters.

The EURegio pilot has officially started. In Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, the representative of Belgium (Hubert Cooreman), the ministers of Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia, Thomas Kutschaty) and the Netherlands (Ivo Opstelten) officially kicked-off the cooperation, which contributes to the realisation of the EU-Convention 2000 on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters and its Additional Protocol 2001.

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The first European Large Scale Pilot in the domain of e-Justice

What actions to take in legal disputes that cross national borders? Due to the complexity of cross-border disputes nowadays, not many people feel comfortable enough to take the matter to court. According to the EU-commission, justice is not only of national importance, it is a cross-border personal right.

The EU-commission dedicated itself to improving the cross-border exchange of information in legal proceedings - where citizens, businesses and governments are involved - in a safe, accessible and sustainable way.

In pursuing this goal, e-CODEX is to develop building blocks that can be used in- or between Member States to support cross-border operation of processes in the field of justice.

e-Delivery Convergence

e-Delivery Convergence

One of the most important requirements for European Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) is cross-border communication. Though in detail the requirements differ, what they all have in common is the need for a secure and reliable “platform” to (electronically) exchange documents and data between citizens, businesses, governments and judicial authorities.
The similarity of requirements from the different LSPs encourage the endeavour to combine the solutions into a common standard – all three of them aim at connecting different existing proprietary infrastructures, and have chosen a gateway-based approach to achieve this goal. Opens internal link in current windowRead more about e-Delivery Convergence

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