The goal of e-CODEX, as an EU co-funded project, is to improve the cross-border access of citizens and businesses to legal means in Europe as well as to improve the interoperability between legal authorities within the EU. This has procedural, organizational and technical consequences. At the technical level, the goal of the e-CODEX project is to establish a European interoperability layer for e-Justice communication.

During this pilot phase, scheduled to start in Q1 2013 and last for 12 month, real life scenarios will be tested extensively. Upon completion of the pilot phase an evaluation will be done and further adaptations will be undertaken before making it available.

How are these solutions usable and portable?

These solutions will be in line with the current technological developments within the European e-Justice field. They will be easily adoptable by countries wishing to join the use case at a later stage, provided that they fulfil the necessary technical requirements.

They will respond to some of the weaknesses that have been identified in regard to current practices, by providing a possibility to reduce delays, in the interest of both the judicial authorities and the requested person, and ease the collection of statistical data.

For the purpose of the pilots, five procedures have been identified as use cases:

Requirements for participating countries:

Each country intending to participate in the different use cases selected for the e-CODEX pilot phase has to meet a number of organisational requirements. For each of the use cases a country participates in, a corresponding national case management system has to be available or has to be implemented and the participants have to make sure their national provisions allow for electronic submission of documents to a court.

Connecting to the e-CODEX architecture must be done at the national level and the developments, implementation and maintenance of the connectors and national specific components are within the responsibility of the participating countries.

You would like to participate in a pilot phase?

Please contact the e-CODEX team by using the contact form on this website.

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