e-CODEX strives to improve the exchange of cross-border legal information for all those who want to seek justice in cross-border disputes.

The stakeholders can be defined as people or organizations that are concerned about, affected by, have a vested interest in, or are involved in some way with the issues addressed by the e-CODEX pilots.
The project will improve on the current state of play and aims to make the entire process easier to use for all of the different stakeholders.

e-CODEX does not want to re-invent the wheel. Therefore we work in close collaboration with the other European Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) and several different organisations and look for ways to re-use knowledge and experience. We don’t aim at large organizations only; we also want to get in contact with all kind of potential customers, citizens, companies and legal professionals. We would like to hear your suggestions on how to further improve upon the process. Please accept our invitation to make a difference. Get in contact by using our contact form.

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