A new home for e-CODEX

The handover/takeover process of e-CODEX to eu-LISA has begun! After more than ten years of successful operation by a project consortium consisting of EU member states and legal professionals organisations, the transitional period has officially started. With the kick-off meeting taking place on 24 January 2023 collaborative efforts between all involved parties have been lifted to the next level.


The handover/takeover process requires a lot of coordination, planning and execution to ensure the continuity and smooth transition of e-CODEX to eu-LISA. The European Commission will monitor this process to ensure that the correct procedures are being followed.


With e-CODEX as the main European tool for establishing an interoperable, secure and decentralised communication network between national IT systems in cross-border civil and criminal proceedings, eu-LISA will become the perfect home base. Stay tuned for the exciting developments that are yet to come!

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