Realising cross-border e-Justice in Europe

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The e-CODEX project has contributed to improvements of the cross-border access to legal means for citizens and businesses in Europe and facilitated the interoperability between legal authorities within the EU. It has built a general-purpose e-Delivery system and has, in the context of its piloting activities, developed “national connectors” to link the national transport infrastructures to the pan-European layer.

Pursuing the project’s successful path, the Me-CODEX project has been recently appointed with a task to maintain the existing developments. The objective of Me-CODEX is the update, support, and further testing of the e-CODEX building blocks for usage by any piloting Member State. This project will make sure, that the e-CODEX components used by existing and any new piloting countries are up to date with regards to function, technical standards, security, stability and performance. Furthermore, Me-CODEX has been tasked with a mission to produce a holistic sustainability and governance model, which will ensure daily maintenance of the technical developments in the long term. This should not only provide support to the EU Member States which deployed the project solutions but also make them easily accessible for interested parties, thus ensuring further take up.

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e-CODEX achievements are shown on the political as well as on the technical level. A number of cross-border use cases demonstrates the collaboration and alignment between the Member States and also proves the concept of the reusability of developed software building blocks.

Due to high mobility and European integration, procedures containing cross-border effects are increasing. These actions require cooperation between different national jurisdictive systems. The use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) makes judicial processes more transparent, efficient and economic. At the same time it helps citizens, companies, administrations and legal practitioners to get facilitated access to justice.

Me-CODEX is devoted to continue the efforts for seamless e-Justice services, bringing further value for European citizens and businesses


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