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The IRI (Interconnection of Insolvency Registers) for Europe project focused on interconnecting information from national insolvency registers.
Duration of project

The duration of the project was from 1st June 2017 until 31st March 2020.

Project description

The objective of the project was to support five Member States (Germany, Italy, Romania, Croatia and France) in connecting to the European e-Justice Portal in order to improve the information provided from the insolvency registers to the relevant debtors, creditors and courts involved in insolvency proceedings and to prevent the opening of parallel insolvency proceedings. The project contributed to the creation of a single point of access to all insolvency information of the European Union and furthered the development of the European e-Justice portal to become the one-stop-shop for all judicial information.

Expected results

The aim of the project was the creation of a system of interconnection of insolvency registers in accordance to Article 25 et seq. of REGULATION (EU) 2015/848.

Project team
  • Ministerium der Justiz des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) (coordinator)
  • Ministero della Giustizia – Direzione Generale per i Sistemi Informativi Automatizzati (Italian Ministry of Justice – Directorate General for Information Technology Systems) (MG)
  • Oficiul Național al Registrului Comerțului (ONRC) – established in Romania
  • Ministry of Justice Republic of Croatia (MJ) – established in Croatia
  • INFOGREFFE (INFOGREFFE) – established in France
Final conference

The Final Conference of the project IRI for Europe was held on 14 February 2020 at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia on the occasion of the completion of the project of establishing and interconnecting national insolvency registers through the common platform of the European e-Justice portal. The conference was attended by partners in the project: representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany represented by the Ministry of Justice of North-Rhine Westphalia (project leader), Romania, France and Croatia. Representatives of Italy attended via video-conferencing.


During the conference, all project partners, through brief presentations, reported on the activities carried out during the project and the results achieved.


After the presentation, all conference participants agreed that this EU project was another great opportunity to share best practices and experiences with the introduction of IT tools in order to provide creditors and courts with faster and easier access to all relevant insolvency data and information, at the same time to prevent the initiation and conduct of parallel proceedings.

Group picture final conference
Workshop picture final conference
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