Domibus 3.0 RC1 released


We are happy to announce the first release candidate of the Domibus gateway.

Domibus is an ebMS3 gateway based on the AS4 profile. It complies with much of the AS4 feature set, and in particular with the e-SENS AS4 profile and the additional features defined in that profile. The e-SENS AS4 profile is a Building Block of e-SENS e-Delivery, which is being adopted by the Connecting Europe Facility.

Domibus 3.0 provides:

The development of Domibus was funded by the e-CODEX project.

Domibus is written in Java and uses the Apache CXF framework. It will be released in September 2015 as open source software under the EUPL license on Joinup by the CEF e-Delivery team.

In anticipation of the full open source release, we are announcing the public availability of the first release candidate of the Domibus 3.0 gateway to any interested parties inside e-CODEX, e-SENS or elsewhere.