e-CODEX on last November’s European Council’s Agenda


After almost six years since its beginning, the e-CODEX project has started to show its major achievements – with a clear motivation for developing the existing European Digital Service Infrastructures via particular e-Justice business cases and cross border exchanges.

As there is a strong support from the major European Law entities, a few updates on how to deal with topics related to e-CODEX’ sustainability were considered during the Working Party on e-LAW (e-Justice) meeting last November. To be more specific, the session has included references about

  • future steps in maintaining the project’s major assets
  • coordination mechanisms for increasing the collaboration between the e-CODEX expert group and the European Commission when treating issues on the project’s sustainability
  • discussions on how a future EU agency will incorporate e-Justice topics from both e-CODEX and its estimated new funding project Me-CODEX


Me-CODEX is a project that has been designed for ensuring a long mid-term sustainability before the above mentioned European agency will take over the responsibility.

It is a great achievement for the Large Scale Pilot e-CODEX, that it brought up extension phases and estimations for building up new administrative entities on European level, from public administrations to IT and business environment and also down to the regular citizens!


Download a PDF version of this press release here (link PDF).