New EPO pilot between Germany and Greece


With the e-CODEX project extending the EPO (European Payment Order) pilot by establishing procedures between Germany and Greece on August 4th, recovering outstanding debts across Europe just got easier again. This is the next step forward to enable swift and efficient recovery of uncontested monetary claims in cross-border disputes.

Thanks to e-CODEX, the German regional court Wedding in Berlin, which is the competent EPO court for all of Germany, is now able to communicate with the national judicial application in Greece, enabling citizens, businesses and legal professionals to assert their rights in a much faster and efficient way. Everything can be done online and the forms are displayed in your own language. Sending and receiving claims has never been easier!

The e-CODEX project aims to develop technical solutions to make cross-border justice a reality in Europe. To do so, ICT systems that ensure safe and seamless communication between courts and authorities in different member states are required. Taking national requirements into consideration these solutions are being mapped into real life piloting scenarios, such as the European Payment Order. EPO applications are already up and running in Austria, Estonia, Germany and Italy since August 2013. Greece has been piloting EPO since early 2014 with Austria, before extending its piloting to Poland and now to Germany.

Wou can download a PDF version of the press release here.

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