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domibusConnector Roadmap
domibusConnector Roadmap
The roadmap for domibusConnector. Showing supported releases and their support period as well as planned features and fixes.

General descriptions

Versioning explained


  • The first digit of the version marks a major release version with possible API and severe datamodel changes.
  • The second digit marks a minor version with features added. API and datamodel changes are avoided. Possible changes of API and datamodel are only optionally additive.
  • The third digit marks a fix/hotfix version with only corrective maintenance implemented.

Example version 1.2.3:

  • 1 marks the major version with possible API and severe datamodel changes.
  • 2 marks the minor version with features added.
  • 3 marks the fix/hotfix version with corrective maintenance implemented.


Support periods

  • Regular versions (minor releases) are supported for one year after release date of the major release.
  • LTS - long term supported releases are supported for two years after the release date of the major release.

Out of support means that for that release no features or fixes will be implemented, but only for the supported minor release and following major releases.

A new fix/hotfix release takes the previous one out of support immediately!


Out of support versions

Releases that are out of support are listed here: domibusConnector - Out of support versions

domibusConnectorClient roadmap

The domibusConnectorClient has its separate roadmap.

domibusConnector - supported and planned releases




Release date: 02/2023

End of support: 02/2024


  • fixed lost fixes between 4.4.4 and 4.4.7.



Status: !!!UNSTABLE!!!

Release date: 12/2022

End of support: 12/2024


  • Re-design of database model.
    • Simplification for message structure.
    • Allows better traceability for messages.
    • No JTA required between database and queues.
    • Better re-transmission for messages.
  • Multi-domain feature.
    • Allows to define multiple domains inside connector
    • Each domain is defined by a P-Mode Set.
    • A default domain is available for single-domain usage.
    • Domain specific configuration can be done using UI.

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