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domibusConnector Roadmap
domibusConnector Roadmap
The roadmap for domibusConnector. Showing previous releases as well as planned features and fixes.

Basis for the roadmap is the version 4.0.0-RELEASE.

From version 4.2.0-RELEASE the domibusConnectorClient will be treated by a separate roadmap.



Status: FIXED

Release date: 6/2018

  • Bugfix: Reading and respecting of property "" to correctly address the backend's truststore.


Release date: 7/2018

  • Bugfix: The truststore for the security library to verify documents signatures and received ASIC-S containers initializes default values that load an invalid truststore if properties "" and "" are not set properly.
  • Bugfix: When submission to the gateway fails no further message processing is executed and no stacktrace is logged. A "RELAY_REMMD_REJECTION" should be produced and sent back to the backend.
  • Bugfix: Example property "gateway.endpoint.address" should document that this is used for the creation of the evidences. So the external known address of the gateway should be entered.
  • Bugfix: Property "" is used for transmission to the gateway. This is not documented in the example properties.
  • The property "" is only used for evidence generation. Therefore it's place and documentation within the example properties changed.
  • The property "gateway.role" is not used within the domibusConnector. Therefore it is deleted from the example properties.

  • Bigfix: The WSDL definitions of the gateway webservices were adapted to initialize the web services correctly.
  • Bugfix: The web service endpoint definition within the domibusConnectorGatewayLink was adopted to initialize the DomibusConnectorGatewayDeliveryWebService correctly.
  • Bugfix: Message Content handling with Oracle - SQL-Error 17226.


  • The new domibusConnectorAPI referenced.
  • windows line ending replaced with unix lineending in unix startscripts


  • Bugfix: The property "" has to be set in the "". Documentation in the example configuration added. Property within example configuration removed.
  • Bugfix: To initialize the DomibusConnectorGatewaySubmissionWebService accoringly the endpoint configuration in the example configuration was adapted.
  • Update of the domibusConnectorAPI to have corrected version of the WSDL definitions.


Release date: 9/2018 beta, 11/2018 RC, 12/2018 RELEASE

  • Feature: Filesystem handling for streaming of attachments.
  • Feature: WS-Security at gateway webservice side
  • Bugfix: Cleanup of Message Contents after successfull submission.
  • Feature: Connector properties can be loaded from database
  • Feature: The logging of the domibusConnector will be improved.
    • Logging of message related operations will be driven by connectorId (connectorId is put into the MDC (Mapped Diagnostik Context) of the logging engine). Filtering possibilities.
    • Warning in logging if messages are not confirmed by evidencs within configurable period.
    • Warning in case of a red TrustOKToken.
    • Seperation between technical and message logging.

  • Feature: Enhancements of the administration console:
    • New design
    • Further imports from PModes
    • Configuration of properties over administration console if properties are loaded from database
    • User/role concept introduction
    • Monitoring of messages


  • Adaptions for domibus gateway 4.0.
  • Feature: Configuration improvements - seperate properties file for plugin.
  • Feature: WS-Security on webservices to connector.


Release date: 2/2019

  • Bugfix:
    • Security problems with fileupload-commons
    • Compatibility problems with cxf


Release date: 2/2019

  • Bugfix
    • Fix errors in evidence timeout processor


Release date: 3/2019

  • Bugfix:
    • Fix difference between documented property for connector2connector Test
    • Fix NON_DELIVERY creation if pushing to backend fails: The connector will now immediately create a NON_DELIVERY if the push to a push backend fails
    • Fix File resources not released causes "too many open files" error.
    • Fix Empty folders of deprecated messages not deleted.


Release date: 5/2019

  • Bugfix:
    • Fix Folder not deleted Problem
    • Fix Resource not released problem


Release date: 9/2019

  • Bugfix
    • Internal Bugfix for automatic Mysql DB initialization (solves Problem key too long on mysql inno db)


Release date: 11/2019

  • Bugfix
    • Fixed failing tests during CI Build because of outdated certificate


Release date: 12/2019

  • Bugfix:
    • Fixed Issue JUEUSW-114, related to Key too long Problem


Release date: 2/2020

  • Bugfix
    • Upgraded to latest e-Codex Security Library 1.12.2 (this includes the DSS Update to 5.2) This enables the usage of newer Algorithms



Release date: 05/2020

domibusConnector web application:

  • Startup and installation support: A self-starting domibusConnector which initializes a web container to be distributed.
  • WS-Security switch: ws-security can be switched off for gateway connections.
  • Loopback routing: Messages can be sent and received via the same connector and gateway. (Without change of ebmsid)
  • High Availability Support: The connector is able to be deployed within a cluster (Filesystem, Database and JMS-Server must also be available clustered). 
  • ETSI-REM evidence handling: generated evidences to be sent back to backend/client using the known IDs.
  • Bugfix: remove of entries in fsstorage at MS Windows fixed.
  • Packaging:
    • Packaged with web based documentation (as part of the distribution package)
    • Standalone Package (as part of the Distribution package)
    • Docker assembly (available via nexus:<version>/domibusConnectorStandaloneLauncher-<version>
  • Logging improvements:
    • Improvement of business logging
    • Business Warning Log before certificate expires
  • Admin UI:
    • Refreshable lists: relevant lists in UI get a "Refresh" button.
    • Certificate information to be displayed.


  • Adaptions for recent domibus gateway.
  • WS-security switch to turn the web service security between gateway and domibusConnector on or off.


Release date: 05/2020

  • fixes on documentation


Release date: 06/2020

  • Removed outdated pdfs from documentation
  • Fixes in database scripts


Release date: 06/2020

  • Fixes in database scripts


Release date: 06/2020

  • Fix in database update scripts


Release date: 08/2020

  • Fixes in database scripts


Release date: 11/2020

  • Fixed UTF-8 incompatibility



Release date: 02/2021

  • Fixed "too many open files" issue



Planned release date: 03/2021

domibusConnector web application:

  • A pull mechanism between the domibusConnector and the gateway configureable. Instead of pushing messages from the gateway to the domibusConnector it can be configured that the domibusConnector time triggered pulls messages from the gateway.
  • Admin-UI: pagination of MessagesList: Only 10 messages loaded at once
  • Initial database Scripts for PostgreSQL and MariaDB


  • Adaptions for recent domibus gateway.
  • New plugins for domibusAPI 4.1 and 4.2.
  • Both new plugins will support the pull mechanism from the domibusConnector.



Planned release date: 08/2021

domibusConnector web application:

  • Security-Library properties for validating documents can be configured backend specific. This leads to an enhancement of the domibusConnector transition model and the domibusConnector API.
  • Security-Library support for streaming.
  • Content XML should be transported with Name attribute.
  • Support of PostreSQL.
  • Enhanced ETSI-REM evidence handling: Evidence, in case of failure, will contain information on the failure.
  • Addition to ETSI-REM evidence timeout mechanism.
  • ETSI-REM evidence SubmissionRejection can be generated and sent back even if the finalRecipient is unknown. Currently this causes an exception.
  • Documentation: Enhanced documentation of architecture, user documentation and administration documentation
  • Property check: evaluating properties used for information on ETSI-REM evidences
  • Backend authentication with user token instead of ws-security optionally available.
  • Internal queueing mechanisms: further decoupling of core and link modules.
  • Admin-UI:
    • JMS-Monitoring: The internal JMS queues of the domibusConnector can be monitored.
    • Configuration reloading: At runtime changes in configuration can be loaded without having to restart the domibusConnector.
    • If evidence with additional information are available, this information will be presented.
    • Enhanced support of Keystore/Key handling. Internal Keys and Keystores may be managed by the domibusConnector.
    • backend configuration: advanced support for backend configuration
    • handling of connector test messages
    • first features to decouple Admin-UI from domibusConnector core over REST services.


  • Adaptions for recent domibus gateway.

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