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domibusConnector Roadmap
domibusConnector Roadmap
The roadmap for domibusConnector. Showing previous releases as well as planned features and fixes.

Basis for the roadmap is the version 4.0.0-RELEASE.


Status: FIXED

Release date: 6/2018

  • Bugfix: Reading and respecting of property "" to correctly address the backend's truststore.


Release date: 7/2018

  • Bugfix: The truststore for the security library to verify documents signatures and received ASIC-S containers initializes default values that load an invalid truststore if properties "" and "" are not set properly.
  • Bugfix: When submission to the gateway fails no further message processing is executed and no stacktrace is logged. A "RELAY_REMMD_REJECTION" should be produced and sent back to the backend.
  • Bugfix: Example property "gateway.endpoint.address" should document that this is used for the creation of the evidences. So the external known address of the gateway should be entered.
  • Bugfix: Property "" is used for transmission to the gateway. This is not documented in the example properties.
  • The property "" is only used for evidence generation. Therefore it's place and documentation within the example properties changed.
  • The property "gateway.role" is not used within the domibusConnector. Therefore it is deleted from the example properties.

  • Bigfix: The WSDL definitions of the gateway webservices were adapted to initialize the web services correctly.
  • Bugfix: The web service endpoint definition within the domibusConnectorGatewayLink was adopted to initialize the DomibusConnectorGatewayDeliveryWebService correctly.
  • Bugfix: Message Content handling with Oracle - SQL-Error 17226.


  • The new domibusConnectorAPI referenced.
  • windows line ending replaced with unix lineending in unix startscripts


  • Bugfix: The property "" has to be set in the "". Documentation in the example configuration added. Property within example configuration removed.
  • Bugfix: To initialize the DomibusConnectorGatewaySubmissionWebService accoringly the endpoint configuration in the example configuration was adapted.
  • Update of the domibusConnectorAPI to have corrected version of the WSDL definitions.


Release date: 9/2018 beta, 11/2018 RC, 12/2018 RELEASE

  • Feature: Filesystem handling for streaming of attachments.
  • Feature: WS-Security at gateway webservice side
  • Bugfix: Cleanup of Message Contents after successfull submission.
  • Feature: Connector properties can be loaded from database
  • Feature: The logging of the domibusConnector will be improved.
    • Logging of message related operations will be driven by connectorId (connectorId is put into the MDC (Mapped Diagnostik Context) of the logging engine). Filtering possibilities.
    • Warning in logging if messages are not confirmed by evidencs within configurable period.
    • Warning in case of a red TrustOKToken.
    • Seperation between technical and message logging.

  • Feature: Enhancements of the administration console:
    • New design
    • Further imports from PModes
    • Configuration of properties over administration console if properties are loaded from database
    • User/role concept introduction
    • Monitoring of messages


  • Adaptions for domibus gateway 4.0.
  • Feature: Configuration improvements - seperate properties file for plugin.
  • Feature: WS-Security on webservices to connector.


Release date: 2/2019

  • Bugfix:
    • Security problems with fileupload-commons
    • Compatibility problems with cxf


  • Bugfix
    • Fix errors in evidence timeout processor


  • Bugfix:
    • Fix difference between documented property for connector2connector Test
    • Fix NON_DELIVERY creation if pushing to backend fails: The connector will now immediately create a NON_DELIVERY if the push to a push backend fails
    • Fix File resources not released causes "too many open files" error.
    • Fix Empty folders of deprecated messages not deleted.


  • Bugfix:
    • Fix Folder not deleted Problem
    • Fix Resource not released problem


  • Bugfix
    • Internal Bugfix for automatic Mysql DB initialization (solves Problem key too long on mysql inno db)



Planned release date: 01/2020

domibusConnector web application:

  • Postponed: Database driven configuration: configuration besides database connection will be moved from properties file into domibusConnector database.
  • Startup and installation support: A self-starting domibusConnector which initializes a web container to be distributed.
  • Postponed: Key- /Truststore handling: JKS Stores will be managed by the connector. Upload of stores via Admin UI.
  • Certificate check: All loaded certificates and keys will be checked in repeating periods if they are still valid.
  • Postponed: EbMS status integration: ebms status from the gateway will be processed by the domibusConnector also to track messages.
  • WS-Security switch: ws-security can be switched off for gateway connections.
  • Dependent on availability of sec. lib.: Security-Library upgrades: Newest DSS Tools to be used.
  • Message routing: Backend-Routing relying on finalRecipient data. Extension of data of finalRecipient to URN content.
  • Loopback routing: Messages can be sent and received via the same connector and gateway. (Without change of ebmsid)
  • High Availability Support: The connector is able to be deployed within a cluster (FS, DB and JMS-Server must also be available clustered). 
  • Logging improvements:
    • Improvement of business logging
    • Business Warning Log before certificate expires
  • Admin UI:
    • Refreshable lists: relevant lists in UI get a "Refresh" button.
    • Postponed: Monitoring of JMS queues.
    • Postponed: Support for uploading keystores.
    • Certificate information to be displayed.
    • Postponed: Support for internal key- and store handling: Keys and Stores used for backend and gateway connection can be managed by the domibusConnector.
    • Postponed: Integration of connector-to-connector tests with the CTP within the Admin UI.


  • Improvements of the filesystem handling for domibusConnectorClient-Standalone
  • Logging improvements.
  • New GUI for domibusConnectorClient-Standalone matching the design of the domibusConnector Administration UI.
  • domibusConnectorClient-Standalone to be re-built as Spring Boot application.


  • Adaptions for recent domibus gateway.
  • WS-security switch to turn the web service security between gateway and domibusConnector on or off.
  • ebMS status integration to send the ebms status back to the connector.




Planned release date: 05/2020

domibusConnector web application:

  • Security-Library properties for validating documents can be configured backend specific. This leads to an enhancement of the domibusConnector transition model and the domibusConnector API.
  • Security-Library support for streaming.
  • Content XML should be transported with Name attribute.
  • API enhancements: Better and more understandable interface methods and backwards compatibility.
  • Improvements of the file system handles
  • Configuration will be externalized into a separately developed common library.
  • Security Library will be externalized.
  • Evidence Builder will be externalized.
  • Implementation of caching.
  • Adaptions of time triggered jobs to run in an active-active environment.
  • Support of PostreSQL.
  • Enhanced evidence handling: Evidence, in case of failure, will contain information on the failure.
  • Addition to evidence timeout mechanism.
  • Admin-UI:
    • Configuration Wizard: At start-up the configuration will be checked for missing/wrong configuration items.
    • JMS-Monitoring: The internal JMS queues of the domibusConnector can be monitored.
    • Configuration reloading: At runtime changes in configuration can be loaded without having to restart the domibusConnector.
    • If evidence with additional information are available, this information will be presented.


  • Adaptions to changes of the domibusConnector API.
  • Discontinuing the support for domibusConnector 3.x versions.
  • domibusConnectorClient-Standalone: Extensions of the GUI.


  • Adaptions for recent domibus gateway.

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