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Dear reader,

It is less than a year before the end of the project and we can really feel the pace increasing. There are more countries joining, pilots going live and new technical components are being developed.

In this newsletter you will find a brief overview on events and congresses, where e-CODEX has been and will be showcased, the Going Live of two pilots, new funding opportunities for the implementation of e-CODEX components and the Stand Alone Connector, the latest product enabling countries without form-based backend application to be linked to the e-CODEX system.

Enjoy the reading.


Pilot News

European Payment Order


In June 2015, Poland and Greece moved the EPO procedure from the testing environment to the production environment. The service provided by the Ministry of Justice and the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing enables Polish citizens, businesses and legal professionals to submit forms, exchange messages with courts and to receive the EPO.

The electronic service is available on the platform Currently, it is possible to submit the necessary documents to the competent court in Greece using national qualified e-signatures. Soon, the functionality will be extended to more courts - Austria, Germany and Italy. The Polish platform will guide claimants through the form step by step and inform about the progress of the case and the decision issued by the court.

The service is free of charge, although payments may be required by courts in accordance with the regulation of the respective country.

Small Claims

Go Live SC PL/AT

We are happy to announce that Small Claims is the first pilot after EPO to go live. On the 22nd of June, Austria and Poland are going to make the service available to a broader audience. From then on it will be possible for Polish clients to send Small Claims to Austrian competent courts. In most cases this will be to the district court of the area in which the defendant resides.

Business Registers

Meeting with Malaysian Delegation

On May 22nd and 23rd, the ministry of Justice of North-Rhine Westphalia welcomed a high-ranking Malaysian delegation to discuss cross-border connection of business registers. In this context e-CODEX was presented, focusing on the German solution for automating business register file management and the Europe-wide network.

Stand Alone Connector

The latest product of e-CODEX, the Stand Alone Connector, enables countries without a backend application to be linked to the e-CODEX system supporting all the forms of a procedure like EPO. By simply installing the e-CODEX Gateway and the Stand Alone Connector, the participating country can receive secure messages in cross-border cases, e.g. a Form A of the EPO procedure sent by a lawyer or a citizen from another country. The Stand Alone Connector has been developed by Work Package 5 under the direction of Austria. Starting with version 2.1, the Stand Alone Connector will be part of the Connector Package available on JoinUp.

For more information on how it works, please take a look at the video.

New piloting countries

On the 18th of June, and back to back with the General Assembly, Latvia joined the e-CODEX project. Latvia will provide e-CODEX with automated translation and will simplify the procedure to find a competent court.


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Further information and subscription

Events and Conferences

CeBIT 2015, Hanover, Germany

From the 16th to the 20th of March, e-CODEX was presented to a large audience at CeBIT, the digital industry's biggest and most international annual event. With the help of our innovative presentation modules - like the touch table, sliding monitor and object reader - we conveyed our message to numerous international guests. The visit of EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger and federal minister Thomas de Maiziére attracted a lot of attention.

To get an impression, follow this link.

3rd congress of the IT Planungsrat

The IT Planungsrat conference in Germany is an important annual event for exchanging information and experiences concerning strategic and political IT topics within the administrations on all governmental levels.

With 36 lectures, 6 workshops and 28 exhibitions, this year′s congress on the 12th and 13th of May offered not only a very diverse forum, but was also the biggest IT-Planungsrat conference so far. The LSP projects e-CODEX and e-SENS were presented with an information booth, and also hosted the workshop entitled ”Transnational digital public services – our contribution to a borderless digital Europe” which was well attended and created a lot of attention among the visitors.

General Assembly, Malta

The e-CODEX General Assembly was hosted in Malta from the 9th to the 10th of June.

The General Assemply was addressed by Hon José Herrera, Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth. He spoke about the benefits of a homogenous e-delivery framework especially for small nations. Hon Bonnici, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Councils revealed that Malta will become a piloting country by hosting the standalone connector and will therefore become directly connected to the e-Justice portal.

Have a look at the videos on the meeting.



Pilot 2015

With the end of the project moving closer, the piloting activities are intensifying. More and more countries are testing systems and procedures in preparation to make all pilots go live before the end of the year 2015. We are looking forward to keeping you up to date.

Mapping Workshop

WP6 organises a mapping workshop on July 2nd in Bologna. For all piloting partners it is recommended to participate in this workshop. Registration is possible till Monday, June 29th e.o.b. Please send your registration to Ronald Smit and Suniva Koeiman.

Upcoming Events

Until the end of this year, e-CODEX will be presented at following events and fairs:

  • The Zukunftskongress on the 23rd and 24th June in Berlin addresses clerks from public administrative services and deals with the modernization of administration and sustainability of the German state and its structures.
  • EDV Gerichtstag, on the 23rd to the 25th of September in Saarbrücken aims to bring computing tools for judicial work to the best possible level and to share experiences between working parties.
  • A kick-off event to launch the MLA piloting activity between France and Spain will be organized in October.
  • e-CODEX will again be presented at this year′s ICT 2015 on the 20th to the 22nd of October in Lisbon.


  • Funding opportunities
    The European Commission supports the implementation of e-CODEX components. For the incoming funding period the European Commission is looking to support Member States with a maximum funding of 60.000,00 €. The money should be accessible for Member States and related organisations with a simplified administrative procedure. More information will be distributed later.


Thank you for your interest.

Kind regards,

Your e-CODEX team

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