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Technical Publications
Technical documentation made during e-CODEX and maintenance projects. The documents describe how e-CODEX works from a technical perspektive and provide a reference for technical questions you encounter during the setup or operation of e-CODEX components.
Domibus Gateway

e-CODEX requires an AS4-conformant gateway. The recommended product is the Domibus Gateway, which is provided by the European Commission through their Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). More information regarding the Domibus Gateway, its roadmap, the latest versions and alternative products can be found at CEF's Domibus Website.

Domibus Connector

The Domibus Connector is developed and maitained by the e-CODEX consortium. The following technical documents will give you an insight into the Domibus Connector.

For current and planned developments of the domibusConnector take a look at the domibusConnector roadmap.

e-CODEX Schemas

e-CODEX Schemas are developed and maintained by the e-CODEX consortium. They provide a standardised data structure and semantic for several European use cases and ensure the interoperability of the exchanged data.

Testing e-CODEX

Before going online with your e-CODEX environment, you should perform extensive tests. e-CODEX offers a Central Testing Platform (CTP) to support your testing activities. The e-CODEX CTP provides a full e-CODEX test environment and a Web Interface for sending and receiving test messages. 

Technical Overview

Read this article to get a basic understanding of the technical concept of the e-CODEX components.


Detailed documentation created during the e-CODEX project (2010-2016):

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